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    • Sooji cooks fast.
    • The fiber in sooji helps in easy bowel movement.
    • Potassium in Sooji, rava or Semolina improves heart health.
    • Sooji is a balanced food, low in cholesterol and low on sodium.
    • Sooji releases energy slowly and keeps you free of hunger pangs.
    • Sooji tastes great and is acceptable to adults as well as children.
    • Sooji has plenty of proteins, carbohydrates, and iron as well as vitamin B & E.
    • Zinc in Sooji, rava or Semolina is important for nerves, reproductive system and for immunity.
    • Sooji, rava or Semolina has a low glycemic index and that makes it a recommended food for diabetics.
    • Phosphorus in Sooji, rava or Semolina helps in healthy metabolism and along with calcium and magnesium it keeps healthy your muscles, nerves, and bones
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