We are Hillsome..

Hillsome.com is a online market place which is closely working with lot of villagers, self-help producer groups and NGOs across the regions of Kumaon and Garhwal. We have activated since Year 2014. The base company is UT Media Ventures which deals in news media and technology and affiliated with Govt. of Uttarakhand as one of its key media partners.

The people, culture and products of hills are just awesome that is why we got our name HillSome.

Our mission is to make a network of all those people who are working to save our cultural and heritage values. Through them we want to support communities to whom we can provide a better life. That is the reason we are working only on herbal, organic and handicraft products.

Hundreds of rural farmers, artisans and women’s groups are involved in this enterprise that aims to transform lives through eMarket Place.

Our product range includes

  1. Organic food range
  2. 100% Natural cosmetics
  3. Herbal Health-care and Beauty-care products
  4. Craft and handicraft items
  5. 100% Khaadi Products

Who We Are

Our partners include a huge herbal brand, NGOs and self-help groups. Some of them are Yugrishi, Aarohi, Devbhumi natural products producers company, Fruitage India and Aepan Sanstha. They all are working into various areas like education, health-care, sustainable livelihoods, natural resource management and women’s development.

We believe in to make fair practice in trade so that we could return back to the society. Our vision is to make more trained and skilled hands of the people of Rural Uttarakhand so that they could add themselves in the same line of development. Technology is our strength so we are using it at its best to reach out to overseas market as well.